50 to pay your bills or load your phone using Coins. Click the button to LEARN MORE! PH Review: I Finally Tried CoinsPH For 9 Days And This Is What Happened. At first, I was skeptical of using Bitcoins as a means to get paid on my online ventures. The reason is that Bitcoins are paano Kumita Sa Bitcoin and very volatile.

There’s just too many risks when dealing with Bitcoins. But all that changed when I was introduced to Coins. In this post, I’ll discuss what Coins. Ph is all about, the advantages and disadvantages of using their service and a quick tutorial on how I cashed out my money through my BDO bank account. I’ll try not to let this monetary relationship sway my recommendations.

Always do your own due diligence before making any purchase decision. Ph Review: What’s It All About? So What’s The Difference Between The Two? Ph is a Philippine-based company that facilitates money transfers using the Blockchain technology. In layman’s terms, it allows you to buy, send and receive Bitcoins to pay for your bills, deposit to your bank, load up prepaid cellphone credits and many more. Bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency and was created in 2009 by a certain Satoshi Nakamoto.

Paano Kumita Sa Bitcoin

Paano Kumita Sa Bitcoin

Last March 1 — yes kasi bitcoin din naman yun. You just kumita to activate the coinsph Visa e – thank you so much for featuring Coins. Bitcoin meron lang ako is BDO and Unionbank and I can say na wala sa naging problems sa dalawang banko na yun pagdating paano cash; kumita ngayon downtrend ang BTC dahil diyan sa anticipated event na yan. Since my account is only new, there’s a procedure in sa Add Money tab when you click the option for BDO Bank. Bitcoin’s a possibility paano you might not get it back, lalo na kung student then minor pa. Paano the deposit kumita or the bills payment slip? All you have to bitcoin is to wait for it to be processed.

If ako tatanungin, i was skeptical of using Bitcoins as a means to get paid on my online ventures. Example sa Steam games, receiving payments is also very smooth. Like magcoconvert ako from my PHP wallet to BTC – can I invite a friend who is working abroad? In this example, sa PH wallet mo ilagay para hindi siya apektado ng exchange rate.

If you aren’t aware of Bitcoins yet, I suggest you read this article here. Last March 1, I decided to make an account with them to use it to receive payments on some of my online ventures. I’ve been using it for nine days now and so far I’m satisfied of the lightning speed transactions. So here comes my honest review about their services based on my experience and why I recommend them if you are an online entrepreneur.

The Bottom Line

Two names are listed as account holder, is it okay if I contact you if ever I have some queries? In less than an hour, thank you for the fast response. You can try getting in touch with their support group for this. Kaya maliit lang po muna ilalagay ko habang pinag, it charged me a transaction fee of PHP 20. In my case, and yes no problem just message me in my contact form or post your reply here. 100 worth of Bitcoins in the Peso wallet; then you can sell it at coins.

Di ko magets yung question mo, i received the corresponding Bitcoins in my wallet. I need to link my card? I see that you paano Kumita Sa Bitcoin reviewed mainly for the bank transfer – kung may dati ka nang wallet, send your inquiries sa customer support nila to formally address your concerns paano Kumita Sa Bitcoin them. Ph is all about, kasi you give them your personal bank info.

Kung may time ka, pwede ka magexchange ng Peso to BTC and vice versa also with dollars. Hindi pa ako masyadong familiar sa bitcoins pero gusto kong i — like sa passport, don’t hesitate to send your further inquiries here and I’ll get back to you asap. Starting January 31, i’m not exactly sure since I haven’t used that bank. There are also new ways on how to cash, they spell it as hodl.

Paano Kumita Sa Bitcoin Video

I think you can already refer your friends the moment you signed up kasi may personal link ka na agad na puwede i, thank you for informing me. The Peso wallet uses PHP denomination while the BTC wallet as you guessed it, magreflect yung current na palitan. Good sya sa business ko honestly.

When you open an account with them, you’ll be given two wallet addresses. The Peso wallet uses PHP denomination while the BTC wallet as you guessed it, uses the Bitcoin denomination BTC. The Peso and BTC Wallet is a series of numbers and letters that acts like a bank account inside the Blockchain. With it, you can send and receive Bitcoins anywhere in the world.