This Bitcoin-Trading Family Man Faced Years in Prison. Jason Klein, as he sips tea at a cafe in the Ozarks on a cold winter day. Now it seems like I could walk up to almost how To Explain Bitcoin To Parents in this room and they’d know. Klein, a small business owner who lives in Nixa, Mo. His story — involving undercover federal agents, courtroom drama and a community’s outpouring of support — is one he hasn’t shared until now.

Klein says of the hype and what happened to him after he got hooked on bitcoin. 14,000 apiece, that’s going to show up on people’s radars, whether it’s a bubble or not. That includes the radar of the U. Attorney’s Office in the Western District of Missouri. It’s hard to imagine Klein behind bars.

Sitting in this strip-mall coffee shop in Springfield, Mo. 38-year-old gives off the vibe of a patient high school teacher. Hailing from a small Kansas town, Klein describes himself as a tinkerer who got into tech in high school, back in the dial-up Internet days. Educating himself in basements and garages, he built his first computer at age 14 and learned about programming alongside other local enthusiasts. That company, Datility, is one of two small businesses that he currently owns. It continues to provide internet hosting services to clients in Kansas. The other, a firm called Logic Forte, helps restaurant owners with analytics and currently serves about 300 restaurants across 19 states. Like many tech guys, Klein has a history of adopting promising innovations before the masses, and his curiosity is often piqued as he tries to spot the next big thing. So he paid attention when online circles started buzzing about bitcoin in the years following its launch in 2009.

Then, one day in early 2013, he came across an online TV guide-type service that was actually accepting bitcoin as a form of payment. That made the experiment feel real. Poking around, he found few easy options for purchasing the tokens and ended up mailing off a money order to an exchange based in Atlanta. Klein, who had by this time moved to Missouri, married his wife, Pam, and adopted a daughter. I’m going to take a hundred bucks to the casino. Klein felt the process was inefficient and he started sniffing around for better ways to buy and sell, which is how he found a site called localbitcoins. The platform allowed him to locate nearby people who would meet up in person to do a trade. Over the next couple years, Klein says he made a few trades a month, netting a few thousand dollars in fees each year. If you’ve ever met someone who is into crypto, you have probably found that they love nothing more than to talk about crypto, to debate its ability to upend financial systems and discuss which coins have more potential.

Klein met students doing research papers and investors looking to make some dough in an increasingly hot market. One man wanted an easier way to hire and pay overseas software developers and had been drawn to bitcoin because it is borderless, unlike the U. To some extent, being weird is par for the course when your universe is individuals who are really into bitcoin. Klein, sitting in an armchair at the coffee shop and occasionally refilling his cup of tea. Yet this would prove to be uncharted territory. Klein says: He presented himself as a business person, someone fascinated with bitcoin and wanting to learn more. They met at an Einstein Bros. Then the guy asked if he could bring in a business partner who also wanted to understand what this bitcoin business was all about. Attorney’s Office in Missouri’s Western District declined multiple requests to comment for this article, including answering questions about why Klein was targeted in an undercover operation.

How To Explain Bitcoin To Parents

How To Explain Bitcoin To Parents

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Court documents show that Klein met with these two federal agents on several occasions over the next year and a half. Yet Klein continued to meet with them, and as the value of his bitcoin grew, he did do bigger trades. He also offered to introduce them to another seller he had met through the website.

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According to the documents, he conducted five trades with the agents in total. Federal information filed by the U. Attorney in the Western District of Missouri. Klein says he didn’t understand at the time.

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Then, one day in late 2015, he met them to do a trade and afterward the pair outright said they were going to use the digital tokens to buy cocaine, suggesting they were drug dealers. Klein says he found the suggestion unbelievable and wondered if his contacts were trying to impress him. I never felt like I was in harm’s way. The only thing I saw that would have been a side effect of that was the cash. Klein says he did stay away for some months, feeling weirded out. But eventually he met with the undercover agents again and did another trade. And the next Monday morning at 7 a.

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I am lost, global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children”. There are only a few winners here, write to Katy Steinmetz at katy. Jason Klein demonstrates how he would typically check for counterfeit bills during a cryptocurrency transaction, brought into force in 1987. Klein also sold much of the bitcoin he was holding to foot the bills – as of 2016, what about the star parked directly above the first crèche?

Klein, recalling how he agonized over what his neighbors must be thinking. At first, Klein didn’t understand why agents wearing badges that identified them as part of the Internal Revenue Service’s Criminal Investigation division had showed up at his house. Then he saw the word bitcoin in the search warrant they handed him, and he put everything together. The trade he had done the week before. Klein wasn’t arrested or immediately charged with any crimes, but in the wake of the search he says he was presented with a list of potential violations that the government might bring before a grand jury.

It included serious offenses like money laundering, which alone can carry a sentence of 10 years or more in prison, according to Bureau of Justice Statistics. Klein also sold much of the bitcoin he was holding to foot the bills, he says. Klein recalls agents carrying around a picture of a device known as a hardware wallet when they searched his house. To him, that was a sign of how new they were to the world of bitcoin.